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-Mike, Facility Expert

Cleaning Supplies Have a Lot Going On

Everyone knows that all the cleaning supplies have some chemicals that are difficult to pronounce and require some light reading to know exactly why they are in there. Because of this, many people have opted for more ‘traditional’ cleaning alternatives for their household issues.
So we are going to clear up some of the misinformation about these solutions and showcase proper usage for these.

Household Cleaning Supplies

Our only rule for this is that these should all be accessible to everyone, not some niche thing you might have in your home.

How to Clean With Vinegar

Vinegar is used as a general disinfectant because of its high acidity wreaking havoc on a biological level. The same zing you get when you’re eating with vinegar is tolerable to the tastebuds but absolutely destroys bacteria that are exposed to it.

Albeit the smell is something to be afraid of, vinegar is a perfectly tolerable solution for disinfecting surfaces and scrubbing out sticky messes.

Using Baking Soda to Scrub Tile

Baking Soda is not only great for scrubbing out plaque and debris on your teeth; it’s great for general surfaces as well. While we don’t want to say that everything that works on your teeth works on the floor and vice versa, we do want to not the bubbly chemical reaction baking soda has.
Baking soda oxidizes quickly, which lifts and softens the textures around it. So when you’ve got food particles in your teeth, they get swept up in the baking soda scrubbing and leave only the surface behind. The same thing works for the floor and especially grout in between tile!

Citrus Fruit to Disinfect

Citrus is most famously used to “cook” the fish in ceviche. This is because the high acidity of the fruit will essentially kill the bacteria in the fish and replace it with delicious citrus flavors.
While it’s not as strong as vinegar as a disinfectant, I do think it does a better job of leaving a better smell on the countertop.


While we certainly have been known to break out the baking soda from time to time, we primarily focus on industrial cleaners for our commercial cleaning company. If you are a business owner looking for some of the best cleaning service on the market, feel free to contact us today!

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