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Does FaciliCare perform its own cleaning services in Chisago City and surrounding areas, or do you assign the contract to a franchise or subcontractor?

All services are performed by thoroughly trained, managed and insured FaciliCare employees.


Does FaciliCare do citizenship and criminal background checks on its employees?

Absolutely. FaciliCare does background checks and is able to comply with the strictest security requirements. All FaciliCare employees wear uniform aprons and ID badges.


How does FaciliCare guarantee consistent, high quality service?

To guarantee the highest quality service, FaciliCare:

  • Extensively screens candidates, then hires only the best qualified.
  • Thoroughly trains and insures employees.
  • Performs quality control inspections to ensure 100% compliance.
  • Recognizes and rewards reliable employees.
  • Understands that communication is crucial to client satisfaction.
Cleaning company FAQ
Does FaciliCare require its employees to speak, read and write English?

Definitely. To respond to client needs quickly, it is necessary to communicate both verbally and in written form. the ability to communicate effectively is also a safety concern for our employees, because thier work involves the use of cleaning chemicals.


Does FaciliCare ever pay its employees cash and pass the savings on to building owners?

Never! That is not only illegal; it would recklessly expose our clients to liability.  That practice would also not be in our employees’ best interests. All FaciliCare employees are covered under general liability and workers compensation insurance policies. FaciliCare deducts and pays all required taxes and makes all mandated contributions to Social Security and Medicare.

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