“Covid-19 is a very real threat, particularly for the elderly.”

-Mike, Facility Expert

FaciliCare Inc. was founded in response to previous disease outbreaks as we recognized the need in the marketplace for a commercial cleaning company that actually trains and  manages its employees in the proper use of true EPA registered disinfect.

FaciliCare unique business model is, a proactive cleaning company that manages its employee to insure the regular detail cleaning of all the contact/touch points with EPA registered disinfectant.

As the very name of our company implies, FaciliCare is health care for your facility. Our focus has always been the regular well managed use of true EPA registered disinfectant to defend against all manner of disease transmittable through contact points, throughout your building.

We also made the unique decision many years ago, as a key component of our disaster response business continuation plan, to engineer our business around, 3-4 part time positions per fulltime equivalent. This policy, despite requiring 3-4 times the recruiting and training effort, pays many dividends in time of high absences such as, seasonal sicknesses or popular vacation times when we have historically been able to have a 2-3 person A-team cover up to 12 vacant positions in a given work shift without any interruption in service for our clients.

In addition to many other cleaning contract compliance techniques, we use texting to remind our employees of best practices in light of current events. We have already sent out a detailed reminder group text, in response to the COVID -19 outbreak.

At times like this, there is little we can be certain of. However we know that through careful perseverance, the human race goes on. We need our livelihoods to pay for shelter and sustenance. We must protect the health, wellbeing and productivity of our staff and companies. For a certainty FaciliCare exists and has always existed to be the best, and perhaps only, choice for just such a crucial assignment.

Give us a call today at (612)414-8459 or fill out the contact form below for high quality cleaning services in the Twin-Cities North Metro MN and Western WI areas.

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