“Covid-19 is a very real threat, particularly for the elderly.”

-Mike, Facility Expert

Opening Up During COVID

June is when many businesses are opening up post-COVID, and it is undoubtedly going to fling a lot of companies into a panicked state as most customers will not want to enter premises unless they feel safely that precautions are being taken.

Because of this, there are essentially three easy steps that you can take to be adherent to re-opening policies. While it is easy to follow these rules, that doesn’t mean it is still tedious and/or time-consuming.

How To Prepare your Business Post-COVID 19

Preparing for Social Distancing

You will want to check the square footage of your space and be able to accommodate for two things:
1) standing grounds for a unit of people that permits six feet of standing space between the next unit.
2) A pathway to easily leave the premises that don’t breach the six-feet.*
*= Too much.
The best way to do this isn’t to go based on the billable square footage but rather to measure everything out and provided taped in squares and instructions for customers as to how you can adequately flow in and out of the store. Signs and roped areas to bar crossing through ‘lanes’ and place markers are the ideal way to accomplish this.

Preparing for Airborne Water Particles

The mode of transmission for this virus is water particles that come from coughing, talking, sneezing, you name it. While ideally, everyone who walks into your location will be wearing a facemask, it isn’t as easily enforceable as you would think.
What you need to do is provide two-layers of protection for your workers as much as possible. If possible, install a glass array on the business to prevent ‘splash’ and also enforce facemasks while working.
This is essentially the minimum you can do, and most individuals are required to look after themselves, but this ensures that the employees aren’t culpable if an infection happens.*
*= This is not legal advice.

How to Sanitize Surfaces

Now you can really use any surface cleaner to sanitize your surfaces effectively. Bleach, alcohol, and the general household cleaner will get the job done. But you want to try and do so often. Wiping down surfaces post-transaction as well as doing it when you open and close and periodically throughout the store can drastically reduce transmission.


We pride ourselves on being able to provide excellent solutions for commercial businesses that are seeking cleaning services during these times. Whether to enforce general cleanliness or to go the extra mile for your employees and customers, FaciliCare provides some of the best cleaning services in the Twin Cities.

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